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You and your child will love our local daycare

You don't have to travel the busy highway in bad weather just to get to a good daycare center. Toddler Town provides exceptional care right here in Horseshoe Bend. We've made it our mission to serve as your hometown daycare facility. You can expect dedicated, attentive care from our team.

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Providing a Safe, Fun and Nurturing Environment

Turn to Toddler Town for reliable care

Determine the plan and program that works best for you

For too long, children haven't had a conveniently located care center in the Horseshoe Bend area. By keeping child care local, you can save yourself travel time and get to know our team of staff members better. Our center is a great place to bring kids if:

  • You need to drop them off before school starts
  • You can't pick them up from school right away
  • You're looking for a place for kids to stay while you're at work
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Why should you choose Toddler Town?

We're proud to be your local hometown daycare center. Our staff is experienced and dependable. We also rely on several high school helpers to assist us. You can rest assured that your children will have fun and enjoy their time at our center.